Helping businesses make more $$ with less stress

When attending a presentation just scratches the surface, clients often come to Ian for 1:1, on-site, in-depth consulting services. His 30+ years of experience means he has worked with more independent retailers than just about anyone else in the industry: he’s literally ‘seen it all’ and can help develop personalized solutions for your business drawing on his lifetime of experience. His practical work with business owners helps them “just sweat the main numbers” (not the small stuff).

I focus on helping owners become CEOs and Leaders, not managers. Working ON their businesses not IN their businesses is the key to making more net profit (even when there might be a smaller gross profit.) Let me help you! ~ Ian Baldwin

Consulting Areas


The Key Performance Indicators:

  • Sales Volume/Customer Count/Average Sale
  • Gross Margin Dollars and Percentage of Sales
  • Labor Costs and Percentage of Sales
  • The Gap Dollars and Percentage of Sales
  • Inventory Dollars
  • Overhead/Fixed Costs
  • Net Profit/EBITDA
  • ROI

Other Key Areas of Ian’s Consulting:

  • Owner’s Role: CEO or General Manager?
  • Organization Chart: Who Does What?
  • Strategic and Succession Planning, Business Direction, Feasibility Studies
  • Site Evaluation, Market Analysis, Trends and Demographics
  • Site Use, Store and Site Layout, Customer Flow
  • Cost/Use of Space/Merchandising or “Silent Selling”
  • Internal Marketing, Signage, Fixtures, Fittings
  • Buying and Inventory Management
  • Team Development, Labor Performance, Training and Needs Assessment

(In Other Words:  Ian will help you know who to ask, where to go or what to see … to Make More Money With Less Stress!)

Are You Minding YOUR Gap?

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