Relevant Topics, Engaging Delivery.

Ian is a frequent speaker, in demand at independent retail education programs internationally. With a prolific number of topics in his repertoire, he can present one-hour keynotes up to full one or two day workshop programs. He can work with you to customize a program for your audience, you can see the full list of his recent programs. His top 5 “Most Requested” topics for this year are:

“Tracking and Using the numbers that Matter (Measuring, Monitoring and Actually MAKING Money in Retail)” (60 minute keynote)

This hands-on workshop answers the constant question asked by retail owners and managers “What percentage of my sales should I be spending on…_______?”

Ian presents the key numbers you need to track and use to make and retain more profit (attendees will bring their own “numbers” to compare with these easy to use ratios that tell it all). People will leave with an easy recipe for daily, weekly and monthly numbers that make sense (and don’t add another 20 hours to the work week!)

Listen to Ian on Landscape Live!

Often referred to by attendees as “the best financial session for non-accountants” This session is a small taste of the first semester of Garden Center University ( .

“Empowering Your Team When Customers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know – Profitable Retailing in an I-Pod Age” (60 minute keynote)

Make more money with less stress: what a concept! In this wide ranging talk he shares his insights on both the challenge of selling profitably to the emerging next generation. Just how do we face up to a decline in shopping time and a seemingly inexorable rise in SKU count? His talk is liberally sprinkled with case studies of the Sales and Merchandising Best Practices he developed through training and empowerment at such companies as Sickles Market (NJ), Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill (PA) and Roger’s Gardens in CA.

“Re-inventing Garden Retail” (60 minute keynote)

Ian’s analysis of the 2011 and 2012 National Gardening Surveys shows a steady decline in sales per household per year since 2005 and a DROP in gardening activity of 12% in the same time frame.

Even before the recession, the public was starting to lose interest in what was “the Nation’s Favorite Past-time” only 15 years ago. The NGS data shows that 46% of the entire $29 billion industry is spent by over 55 year old homeowners! As the Baby Boomers age and start downsizing their homes and living on fixed incomes, the next two generations are mystified by our industry and frightened of failure. Add in the effect of smart phones, Facebook and who-knows-what-next and we are in danger of becoming irrelevant to many consumers. They want a nice home and garden but have no clue where to start. They want to succeed and just want to be told what to do.

Yet independent garden and home retailers have the local knowledge and recognition in the community to become the go-to resource for tomorrow’s homeowners. But we will have to change the way we look, act, sell and do business to reap what could be a huge reward. But the glass is half full, there are more Generation Y people than there are Baby Boomers!

“Retail Mirrors Life” (60 minute keynote)

As consumers we all react to the changing situations we face in our journey through life; we reduce spending at times, increase it at other times. We vary our patterns of consumption with our perceptions of life around us and milestones reached. We go through phases of likes and dislikes, influenced by friends, trends and smart marketers. So when it comes to the look, feel and relevance of the retail stores or on-line suppliers we use in our life journey, it is reasonable to assume that they will change with us.

The Lawn and Garden business that we now see around us was the result of 50 years of trial and success adjusting and adapting as the consumer followed their own journey. But many garden retailers have stopped their journey at the 1997 to 2007 “sweet spot” for their businesses. Meanwhile the consumer has moved on and what worked then is increasingly less relevant to today’s home owner.

In this talk Ian combines some fundamental, highly strategic questions on retail life in the garden industry together with his in-the-trenches, practical solutions. He challenges owners and managers to think at 30,000 feet but implement at ground level. The talk includes suggested investments and ROI, includes team-building “brainstorms” and clearly sets out priorities to help garden retailers in ANY channel become and stay “top of mind” in their market.

“Five Key Ingredients For Retail Success” ( Full day workshop)

Today’s customers are overwhelmed with choice for stores and products, yet the average time spent shopping is falling every year. By re-organizing to make shopping more time and cost-effective, progressive garden centers are helping both new and old customers to succeed the first time, AND making money. This one-day workshop (with take-home workbook included) helps attendees understand how they are doing it:
Aligning With Tomorrow’s Consumer
As Baby Boomers age, the next generations of customers are shopping and living in a very different way. See how to win the new generation AND hold on to your current customers by creating a shopping experience that is both easy and successful.

If They Don’t See It, They Won’t Buy It
Retailers are still leaving customers’ money on the table! Getting maximum traffic to pass maximum product is an essential part of store operations (bring your plot plan!)

Making It Easy To Spend
Learn how to identify barriers to customer success and know what to do about it without breaking the bank (rate your business’s effectiveness at converting Interest into Sales)

Increasing the Average Sale
Customers visit your store to spend, so don’t disappoint them! Listening to and “Thinking Like a Customer” can add $5 per head, no sweat! (lots of take-away tips to train your team)

Measuring, Monitoring and Actually Making Money
See at a glance the numbers you need to track and use to make a profit (bring your own “numbers” to compare with easy to use ratios that tell it all)