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Gazing into the Green Crystal Ball

Some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had this summer (while making the rounds at Cultivate ’14 and in client visits) have to do with the ‘biggest increase in garden spending this century’ as observed through the National Gardening Survey.

Today’s Garden Center published my article with an overview of these observations, which you can download formatted for printing / sharing by clicking here: http://ianbaldwin.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/TGC-July-2014_NGS-Survey.pdf

After the article was published, Gavin Herbert of Roger’s Gardens sent over the following note:

“Hi Ian, I sure enjoyed your article today. It paints a very clear picture of the future business model of a Garden Center. I have sent your article to all of my managers (and my father) as required reading. Well said! ¬†Thanks again, Gavin”

I’d love to use Gavin’s prompt to open up a group conversation here in the comments section: what do you¬†think of my suggestions about reinventing garden retail and the ‘crystal ball’? – don’t be shy, let’s hear it!


photo credit: Fiona Adam via Morguefile
Jul 18, 2014 9 Comments